Slowly dies,
Who becomes slave of the routine,
Repeating each day the same path,
Who doesn’t take risk,
Who doesn’t speak and who doesn’t know,
Slowly dies,
Who doesn’t risk the certainty for the uncertainty to follow a dream,
Who, for at least a time in his life, doesn’t escape from the meaningful suggestions,
Who doesn’t travel, Who doesn’t read, who doesn’t listen music,
Who is not happy with himself,
Let’s avoid the slowly death, always remembering that to be alive request much more strength that just breathing.

Martha Medeiros, Slowly Die

The journey, as life in general, is made of lots of moments that are changing during the time. One of this, that has always fascinated me and keep on fascinating me, is the moment of the departure: You sit and begin to reorganize all the clothes and objects that You have been using, so that you can put them in your backpack. The closure is the act that symbolizes the end of an experience.
After having done this, It’s time to depart leaving behind you the place and the people with whom you lived a part of your adventure. All the memories and emotions of the time spent together they will still remain in the place from the moment you leave it.

This is what is happening to me since the time I left Italy eight months ago, each time I move from one place to the other.
At the beginning everything seems to be weird and scary. To leave a known place and people to go directly to the unknown. Sometimes it’s annoying that, even thought all the effort to know these new persons and a new culture, after some weeks you have to leave everything to begin everything from the beginning. For another time…
Especially for me, a shy person who has always tried to remain with known people, without getting out from his comfort zone. Because of this I decided to leave everything and depart, to go to the unknown and for a time to risk a bit. Because, if not now, when?
For me it’s not annoying but also essential. After a bit that I am in the same place, That I have known the people and that I have created my routine, I feel the necessity to pack my backpack and to leave. This usually happens (even if I fell well where I am), as during my last (the forth) months in Peru’, when I know I had done everything I could and I just needed new motivations.
It’s not escaping but a necessity. Everything depends from the motivation, without it every single movement or decision during the journey and also in the life becomes difficult. Because of this I left Italy, leaving a certainty place in a university there, to organize a journey that with the time is becoming unbelievable.
The image that comes to my mind when I think about it, is a person who at the beginning is running, because he has to know a new environment and new people, and the gets slow and at the end he sits. At the last stage it’s time to leave and to do new experiences.
Someone could think at it as a utilitarian logic, I go to a place and I try to enrich myself as more as possible and then I leave it, but it’s not. During the journey there is a hidden logic, that you will get to know by just travelling, that is to give in order to obtain. It’s a mutual exchange: I help in order to be helped. You could understand it by volunteering, when your aim is to help and at the end of the experience you discovered yourself changed.

Each time I sit in the seat of an airplane or bus heading the new destination, I begin to ask myself about what will be waiting for me in the future: where I will be the next day and If I will enjoy the next experience.
These times I am relaxed because It’s not worth to get scared too much because this will not depend from me. And also because the fear it’s not bad at all, It helps you to be focused and stay away from the problems and from the danger.

To jump in these adventures it doesn’t mean to be brave, because it’s not a challenge against someone but against yourself. Our mind, many times, put us in front of hidden barriers that don’t allow us to see the future.

As Martha remembers us in his poem, for everyone, sooner or later, will arrive the moment to risk, at least one, to really live.


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