My name is Alessandro Cuneo and I am a 19 years old guy from Italy. At the end of the high school I decided to take a gap year in order to reflect about my future and get in touch with new cultures. In this blog I will tell you my journey experiences that I have been living during my gap year.

I spent the first four months in a little town, called Pampacangallo, in the middle of the Peruvian Andes. There I helped the local community by preparing the lunch to the old people and organizing activities, such as cooking lessons and sport training, to the children of that little place. In order to maintain myself I began to sell pizza, each Wednesday, in the central market.

Then, just with my backpack, I moved to south to make me a better idea about South America. I spent two weeks in the middle of the Chilean desert working in a recycling center during the boast of the protests.

Then I movedo to La Plata, Argentina, working in a Hostel as a receptionist and at the end the last experience in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil, with Couchsurfing.

Just few days before Christmas I came back to Italy after a 5 months and a half journey in South America.

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